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Empower Arizonans to choose renewable energy

Arizona is on the cusp of a decision that could accelerate renewable energy adoption in our state.  This is an invitation to learn more and offer concrete support.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is entertaining a restructuring of energy market rules in our state to allow energy producers to sell directly to consumers and effectively compete on the open market.

Among the options they are considering is a model called Community Choice Energy (CCE) or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), which currently benefits cities and utility customers in seven U.S. states. It allows ratepayers to power their homes with increased levels of renewable energy at the same or lower rates than they would pay monopoly utility providers.

Arizona cities and counties, individually or in groups, could form nonprofit CCEs which would procure energy and become the default energy provider to residents and businesses under their jurisdiction.  Energy transmission & distribution, customer service and billing would still be handled by the utility, and individual customers would be able to opt out of the CCE and have the utility as their energy provider.

Stakeholders including Arizona energy and environmental groups and the Local Energy Aggregation Network ("LEAN Energy US"), which assists in the development of CCEs where regulatory doors have been opened, presented the CCE model at the retail market ACC workshop in July 2019.  Commission members noted that CCEs produce better outcomes than other forms of generally more broadly deregulated markets enacted in other states.

On February 25 and 26 the ACC will hold its next workshop to explore CCE and other retail energy models. Arizona residents are invited to submit public comments to the in support to the CCE model as Commissioners assess policy options during the workshop.

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